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Case 1

“This assessment of 13 anonymous letters sent to Company personnel since December 2006 concentrated on determining the number of authors involved, the personal characteristics of the author(s) relevant to discovering their identity and determining any potential risks posed by the subject(s).  Analysis of the style and organization of these communications, their content themes, psycholinguistic characteristics and errors provided strong support for the hypothesis that the messages were authored by the same individual. The analysis also generated strong support for the hypotheses that the subject is female, of middle-age, a long-term employee in a relatively senior management position who is probably affiliated with a Human Resource or related administrative function.  Her emotional state appears to be subject to cyclical swings and some longer term deterioration. There were also signs of increasing risk of lapses in cognitive control.  But, there were no indications of any immediate risk of danger to herself or others.  However, a more accurate risk assessment should be undertaken after her identity is determined and prior to any management action.  At present the most immediate risks posed by this subject may be associated with her sharing her grievances about the Company and its leadership with individuals or groups outside the organization.  There may also be some risk of escalation in her communications with DG.”


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